simple accounting software for small business - Top 5

Small business owners need a simple method of accounting. The system described here uses a single entry accounting , no double-entry bookkeeping accounting is taught. Record keeping can be only on paper or in a spreadsheet program on a computer.

A. Divide a sheet of paper in the columns, you can buy sheets of columns in an office supply store , use graph paper or create a spreadsheet on your computer. Mark the date columns small business accounting software , check number , description, and income and leave multiple columns for expenses.

Two . Label each page with the current month. If you use a spreadsheet , use a different tab for each month . Recording of income in one column and spending several additional columns.

To make it easier tax preparation , use categories for your expenses relating to income tax only to the sole proprietor, Schedule C business income or loss, such as:

Car expenses
Purchases of equipment and software
professional fees
Office supplies
Purchases of goods for resale (ie , inventory )
Travel and meals
utilities and
You can also include columns for inventory purchases for resale and mileage if applicable to your business.

Three . Record each transaction if your account current credit card or cash. At the end of each month, the total income and expenditure columns. This monthly calculation worksheet monitors the performance of the company each month. If you add up all the columns of expenses, a quick look reveals the total expenditure and if there is a gain , loss, or break even for the month.

April . Make the total income and expenses of a summary sheet with a row for each month, but the same columns of revenue and expenditure software for small business . Add columns to an annual summary of all your expenses by category . This summary worksheet also allows tax preparation easy because all expenses are categorized and summed .

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